Regular Membership is currently available to Associate members who have been in the Club for at least one membership year. The Board of Directors accepts applications for upgrading to regular membership in September and considers the applications following the end of the renewal drive. To be considered for conversion to regular membership, associates must meet the following criteria:

- must satisfy many of the seven Member in Good Standing Requirements

- must have been an Associate Member in good standing for 10 months prior to conversion (i.e., must have joined the GSC as an Associate member on or before October 31 of the previous year).

- Promote camaraderie among Club members as well as demonstrate active interest in the Club by getting involved in our Club activities.


Regular Members have to satisfy three (3) of the seven Member in Good Standing requirements to remain in good standing.


Associate Membership is open to those persons who are 21 years of age or older who have demonstrated an interest in the Grumman Ski Club. The Club is not restricted to Northrop Grumman employees. Present members are from a wide variety of occupations and life styles. The Club is interested in those prospective members who will actively contribute to the growth and well being of the Club. Only responsible persons should apply. Applicants for membership are required to be sponsored by a Club member who knows them.


Associates have all rights and responsibilities associated with full membership, with the following exceptions:

- Must pay Guest fees at the lodge.

- Limited to four weekends at the GSC Lodge during ski season.

- May not make reservations for the Lodge until the Tuesday prior to the weekend requested.

- May not sponsor a new member.

- May not vote.


Associate Members have to satisfy one (1) of the seven Member in Good Standing requirements to remain in good standing.


Our Membership Chairperson accepts applications for Club membership at our general meetings. The new member application form is available HERE.



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