Membership Ė To Remain in Good Standing: 

To remain a member in good standing for the 2004/05 membership year you must do 3 of the 7 things (associates need only do 1 thing) listed in the constitution by August 31, 2005.

Canít find your constitution?Email the Membership Chairperson for an electronic version, or print one up off of the web site.

1.     Attend 2 general membership meetings. Remember to sign in at the meetings; the sign in sheets are the only record of your attendance. The December Holiday Party is not a general membership meeting! Itís a club sponsored activity!

2.     Attend 1 club-sponsored activity. The club-sponsored activities are usually noted on the calendar. The November Cocktail party, December Holiday party, May Champagne Brunch, the July Beach party and the GSC night at the Long Island Ducks game are club sponsored activities.

  1. Spend 2 nights at the lodge during the ski season. The ski season begins on 11/28 and ends on 4/16. Nights spent in the lodge after 4/16 does not count towards this requirement!
  2. Participate in 1 club sponsored ski trip. The December, January, and March Bus Trips to the lodge are all club sponsored. So is the Frost Valley Trip. Going on a bus trip to the lodge does not also count as 2 nights at the lodge!
  3. Participate in 1 work weekend. Hours of participation for work weekend credit are listed in the hand book. The Spring Work Weekend in June is the final regularly scheduled work weekend for this club year.
  4. Race for the club.
  5. Do a special project for the club that is Board approved.



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