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Guides and Tips for your next Adventure


Travel Gear & Packing Tips

Stuff sacks are a traveler’s best friend. They allow me to pack for any trip anywhere in under an hour, and be confident that I am not forgetting anything. Each item has its own labeled stuff sack, and is color-coded to make it quicker to identify what’s for skiing and what’s for casual wear, such as orange for ski clothes, green for street clothes. Each set of items then has its own sack, in the appropriate color. If embarking on a multi-week trip, it is way better to pack just 10 days’ worth of clothes. It’s easier to travel light with less clothing, and use your accommodations’ DIY laundry facilities or the concierge laundry service once a week. Use ski straps to restrain the bindings, then place the base of each ski against the side walls of the bag. This method frees up a ton of space, and keeps the bag from sagging when you’re dragging it. When packing two pairs of skis, lay the second pair base-side down in the bag, creating a three-sided box. Invest in a luggage scale. Always bring a set of long tie-down straps. A good backpack is the best choice for your carry-on baggage because it will leave you with two hands to maneuver your ski bag and other luggage.

Travel Planning Tips

Choose your destination and book flights for your trip.  Book the accommodation for your trip depending on your needs. Some trips require an accessible kitchen while just a bed is sufficient for other trips. Learn your surroudings and figure out how to get around. Check out things to see and do. Research places to eat and drink. Check your passport and license to make sure they are up to date. Know the visa requirements. Get your immunizations. Make copies of important documents. Pack your phone and and necessary electronic devices. Bring cash and have ways of accessing your money electronically. Purchase travel insurance. Pack smart, confirm your flights, and ask about group rates when traveling in larger parties.

Travel Safety & Health

Take steps to anticipate any issues that could arise during your trip. Learn about your destination. See a doctor before you travel. Think about your health status and special health needs you may have. Practice family or group walking through airport with luggage. Pack smart and plan ahead for illnesses or injuries during your trip. Know what to do if you become sick or injured on your trip. Know and share important information about your trip. It is important to practice healthy behaviors during your trip and after you return home. Pay attention to your health during your trip. Use sunscreen and insect repellent as directed. Be careful about food and water. Try not to take risks with your health and safety. Limit alcohol intake, and do not drink alcohol and drive. Wear a seatbelt. Wear protective gear when doing adventure activities. Respect your host country and its people by following local laws and customs. Pay attention to your health when you come home.

Travel Photography Advice

Research your destination. Go deep and learn the location you are visiting.  Get to know the cultures and capture the moment. Be authentic and sensitive. Respect nature and those around you. Know your equipment. Keep good notes in order to tell a story when you return home. Dress appropriately. Get permission when necessary. Trust your instincts and do not let your guard down. Give back when possible. Most importantly, have fun.Wear a seatbelt. Wear protective gear when doing adventure activities. Respect your host country and its people by following local laws and customs. Pay attention to your health when you come home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your favorite airline?

Find the best value for your money. Ignore the forums and talk to people you know. Use your local airports. Remain flexible because better deals may pop up at a moments notice. Compare different travel sites and seats. Buy at the best time.

How do I prepare myself?

Take care of animals and call the kennel or family members. Set up "Stop" orders for deliveries, such as mail and newspapers. Make sure you have money for your adventure both in cash and electronically. Plan your first and last days as travel days. Check the weather. Research the destination.

What should I do when I get sick?

Check your insurance coverage for the destination you are traveling to. Have your health insurance identification with you. Medicare does not provide coverage outside the US. Bring your Passport and make sure it is filled out correctly. Have pre-existing illnesses in a letter from your health provided. Bring all necessary medications.

Should I use cash money or credit cards for my trips?

It is better to use a mixture of credit/debit cards and cash. Some businesses will not accept credit cards. It may be better to use credit cards to book your hotels. Check the insurance provided with your credit card company on any purchases.

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