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 General Meetings April 23 and July 9, 2024 at Knights of Columbus, Deer Park, 8 p.m. Bowling May 29 Fishing Trip June 8 Beach Party July 13 Ducks Game August 22 Golf Outing September 13  

Welcome home

Our Club House

Ludlow, Vermont

We are a Long Island based ski club founded in 1962.  We have over 400 members.  The club owns a lodge in Ludlow, Vermont.  Our home mountain is Okemo which is approximately 1 mile away.  We have general meetings twice a month during the ski season at the Knights of Columbus in Deer Park, NY USA.   Our club is involved in many activities throughout the year.  We are involved with trips, racing, social activities and the promotion of the sport of skiing.

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We love to travel

Sharing our experiences since 1961 Our small group of “die-hards” followed the snow from place to place, driving almost anywhere in search of snow each weekend. Over the years we have seen many changes. As a growing young club with fewer than 100 members, we began organizing and planning bus trips to various ski areas throughout New England. This early experience gave us expertise not only in running bus trips, but in the wise selection of our future permanent home in the heart of ski country. For a number of years we rented lodging by the season in Vermont. This led us to the purchase of our present Lodge in historic Ludlow. The purchase was financed by a combination of bond sales to the membership and a bank mortgage. Our Lodge is located in the town at the base of Okemo Mountain, with Pico, Killington, Bromley and Stratton a short drive away. Before it became the Grumman Ski Club Lodge, it was the well-known Ludlow Inn. The hand-rubbed oak paneling and huge dining room are only a part of what makes this beautiful building our home. The Lodge has 15 bedrooms that include family, double and dorm style arrangements. In addition, the “Annex,” adjacent to the Lodge, contains four double rooms. Our huge living room and fireplace create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and apres ski socializing. Our large kitchen provides an efficient and pleasant atmosphere for members to prepare their meals. Over the years many changes have been made to improve the Lodge through the efforts of the membership on work weekends and through fund-raising programs (Annual Cocktail Party, raffles, Beach Parties, etc.). Our Lodge is available to members and their guests all year round. Our regular membership numbers around three hundred fifty. Our Club consists of married couples, families and singles, spanning all levels of skiing ability. We are not restricted to Grumman employees, as our name might suggest. If you are a new or a prospective member, we welcome you. We wish you warm friendships, happy times and good skiing.

Do you love to ski?

So, you have a passion for experiencing new cultures and would like to share it with the world? Grumman Ski Club has your next adventure waiting for you.

Contact us

Contact us

For Meetings Only Knights of Columbus 759 Long Island Avenue Deer Park, NY 11729

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Adventure Awaits You

Welcome to Grumman Ski Club

We deliver warm friendships, happy times and good skiing.

How to Join

Come to General Membership Meetings, sign in upon entering the meeting. Meetings are held at The Knights of Columbus, Deer Park.  Find someone who would be willing to sponsor you. This must be a full member in good standing for the last two years. Make sure you come and sign in at a minimum of two general meetings during the desired membership year. For questions, you may contact our membership mailbox at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Any person desiring membership in this organization must attend two (2) regularly scheduled general membership meetings, during the desired membership year, before a membership application will be accepted. The individual must be at least 21 years of age. The sponsor of an applicant must have been a Full member in good standing for two years, have paid his/her current dues, and be present at the time the application is presented to the Membership Chairperson in order to sign the application form. A current member in good standing may sponsor Associate members during the membership year as specified by Board policy. After the prospective membership application is reviewed by the Board of Directors, the individual will be accepted as an Associate member on probation. The probationary period for new members must be a minimum of ten (10) months and will end on 8/31 of the membership year. At the end of the probationary period the Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse acceptance of a new Associate member into the general membership. If the new Associate member has not fulfilled the requirements of Article VI, Section 9 of the By-Laws, his/ her membership will be terminated. A prospective Full member must have been an Associate member in good standing for a minimum of 10 months before applying for Full membership. Associate Members must be 21 years of age or older and be sponsored by a Grumman Ski Club Full member in good standing. Associate Members have no voting privileges, must pay guest fees, cannot sponsor new members and have limited access to the Grumman Ski Club Lodge as specified by Board policy. An Associate member must fulfill one (1) of the membership requirements of a Full member as referred to in Article VI, Membership, Section 9 "Retention of Membership" to be in good standing. Membership - To Remain in Good Standing: Associate members are eligible to race for the Grumman Ski Club. Associate membership does not confer any privilege of conversion to Full membership. To convert to Full Membership, an Associate Member must have been a member for a minimum of 10 months and fulfill a minimum of three (3) of the seven (7) requirements for member-in good- standing (given in Article VI, Section 9) in this timeframe before applying for Full Membership. The Board of Directors will review all applications for conversion to Full Membership and vote to accept the applicant based on the number of Club activities the applicant has demonstrated. If there are more conversion applicants than Full membership positions available, the applicants with the most activities will be accepted. Application for Associate Member to Full Membership

Remain in Good Standings

To remain a member in good standing for the membership year you must do 3 of the 7 things (associates need only do 1 thing) listed in the constitution. GSC Constitution Attend 2 general membership meetings. Remember to sign in at the meetings; the sign in sheets are the only record of your attendance. The December Holiday Party is not a general membership meeting! It’s a club sponsored activity! Attend 1 club-sponsored activity. The club-sponsored activities are usually noted on the calendar. The November Cocktail party, December Holiday party, May Champagne Brunch, the July Beach party and the GSC night at the Long Island Ducks game are club sponsored activities. Spend 2 nights at the lodge during the ski season. The ski season begins on 11/28 and ends on 4/16. Nights spent in the lodge after 4/16 does not count towards this requirement!  Participate in 1 club sponsored ski trip. The December, January, and March Bus Trips to the lodge are all club sponsored. So is the Frost Valley Trip. Going on a bus trip to the lodge does not also count as 2 nights at the lodge! Participate in 1 work weekend. Hours of participation for work weekend credit are listed in the hand book. The Spring Work Weekend in June is the final regularly scheduled work weekend for this club year. Race for the club. Do a special project for the club that is Board approved.

Bus Trip Info

1)   ALL Bus Trips must be pre-paid IN FULL when reservations are taken. 2)   ONLY Checks and cash will be accepted.  Payments will be handled by the Bus Trip Leaders, NOT the Lodge Reservations Chairperson. 3)   The bus will be ready to load by 5:30 PM. on Friday at the Knights of Columbus parking lot on 759 Long Island Avenue, Deer Park (Same place as the Club Meetings. PLEASE be on time. The bus will leave promptly at 6:00 p.m. LATE COMERS WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. 4)   PROBLEMS:  If you have a problem getting to the bus on Friday contact the Trip Leader(s) ASAP. 5)   DIRECTIONS (see directions on p. 3 and map on p.4) NOTE: If the Bus Trip parking location changes during the season, details will be printed in the newsletter when and if necessary. 6)   PARKING: The Knights of Columbus Deer Park has given GSC permission to use their back parking lot (BEHIND the ball field) for bus trip parking. They have made some requests so that their normal operations are not impacted by having all our cars there over a three-day period. A) Parking by fence: Please pull HEAD IN regardless of where on the fence you are. B) Parking along back line of lot (by trees): park parallel to the trees (like street parking) C) Please do NOT leave large gaps between cars so that space is conserved. D) Utilize space furthest away from the hall first and then work in.       The KofC has been exceptionally generous in granting us this favor, so please let’s show our appreciation by cooperating fully with their requests! 7)   In case of bad weather, our policy is that IF THE BUS GOES, THEN WE GO. If the trip is cancelled, the Trip Leaders will attempt to contact all members and guests scheduled to go on the trip at their DAYTIME phone numbers. 8)   There are no bus stops in either direction.  All buses have lavatories.  The club will supply beverages  and dinner GOING to the Lodge.  Returning from Vermont, alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the bus. 9)   Federal Law PROHIBITS SMOKING on the bus. 10)  The Bus Trip generally skis at Okemo Mountain, but occasionally visits other mountains.  Check the trip announcements for details. 11)  The trip leaders will announce departure time(s) for the slopes. If you are not on the bus at the appointed time, it will be assumed that you have made your own plans and the bus will leave without you. If you are planning to stay at the Lodge that day or have made other arrangements to the mountain, please let the Trip Leaders know in advance. Trip leaders will announce how and when lift tickets will be distributed and will inform you of the departure time from the slopes back to the Lodge. BE ON THE BUS AT THIS TIME or you will have to make your own arrangements back to the Lodge. 12)  On Saturday, after skiing, the bus will stop at the grocery store - time permitting. The bus will wait approximately 10 minutes and then leave. The Lodge is about a 5-minute walk, left from the shopping center, through town, over the bridge. There is no state liquor store in town, so plan your party needs ahead of time! 13)  The cook is scheduled to serve Saturday night dinner in two seatings.  Seating preferences will be noted when you sign up for the trip. 14)  You will be assigned a cleanup chore (posted on the bulletin board). You are responsible to see that it gets done. Everyone is required to pitch in and help get the entire Lodge cleaned, everyone fed, packed and changed, the bus loaded and ready to go by 4:30PM.  Pizza will be served at the Lodge Sunday afternoon before the trip home. After eating, you must clean up after yourself. 15)  Drivers to the Lodge will be accepted on a “Wait” list when the Bus Trip opens. Once the bus roster is above the break-even point drivers WILL BE PERMITTED. Drivers on the “Wait” list, who signed up ahead of members taking the bus after the break-even point has been reached, will have preference. Drivers must pay for non-bus food on the weekend (2 breakfasts and dinner Saturday). 16)  Anticipated arrival time back at Grumman is 10:00 P.M. Sunday. 17)  Cancellation policy: Cancel 10-30 days ahead, lose bus money plus $10. Cancel 2-9 days ahead, lose bus and room money plus $10 Cancel within 2 days, lose bus, room, and food money plus $10  Remember NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED at the Lodge on bus trip weekends!

2010 Grumman Ski Club Funding of Okemo Mountain Ski Academy

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New Zealand

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Welcome to New Zealand

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